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Assistance will include upgraded lab and communications systems, he says

President Xi Jinping delivers the keynote speech at the opening of the 86th Interpol General Assembly in Beijing on Tuesday. [Photo by FENG YONGBIN/CHINA DAILY]

President Xi Jinping vowed on Tuesday strong support for Interpol with practical measures, including helping 100 developing countries build or upgrade communication systems and crime labs in the next five years, so the law enforcement cooperative can raise its global influence and leadership.

China hopes to work closely with countries and international organizations on global security, and jointly build universal security for humankind, Xi said in his keynote address at the opening of the 86th Interpol General Assembly in Beijing.

The president said that China had made remarkable progress in combating crimes of various kinds and building its crime-prevention system.

"More and more people believe China is one of the most secure countries in the world, which is an important contribution China has made to the world," he said.

The Chinese government will establish an international law enforcement institute under the Ministry of Public Security, which will train 20,000 police for developing nations in the coming five years, Xi told the assembly.

"China highly commends Interpol"s efforts to protect the world"s security and stability, and will continue to support Interpol so it can play an even more important role in global security governance," Xi said, adding that China has been committed to developing cooperation with Interpol since becoming a member in 1984.

To beef up global law enforcement and security cooperation, Xi proposed enhanced reform and innovation, sticking to the rule of law and mutual benefits. He said that global security governance should be developed in a more fair, reasonable and effective way.

"Countries, while maintaining their own security, should take into account other countries" security," Xi said. He asked major nations to offer more support for underdeveloped countries and regions in security and development.

China is hosting the assembly through Friday, more than two decades after hosting the 64th session in 1995. Participants from 158 countries and regions gathered in Beijing for the conference.

Meng Hongwei, president of Interpol, said that Xi"s speech shows the firm support from the president and Chinese government for the big family of global police. Meng, vice-minister of public security of China, was elected president of Interpol last year.

Jurgen Stock, secretary-general of Interpol, said that Xi"s support for law enforcement worldwide and endorsement of Interpol"s mission to prevent and fight crime are "deeply valued".

"In a speech earlier this year in Geneva, you affirmed that we should build a world of common security for all through joint efforts. This is our objective here to work together for our collective benefit," Stock said, praising Xi"s efforts.

"Alone, we cannot achieve our goals to secure our societies. As the Chinese proverb puts it, a single tree makes no forest, and one string makes no music," he added.

Interpol"s General Assembly is the organization"s leading annual global police gathering, bringing together the most senior police officials from 190 member countries to address global security issues.

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