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Debossed colorfilled silicone wristband. This is a kind of wristband debossed and filled with colors. It has a debossed effect on the surface of wristband .The important difference from a normal plain wristband is that we make one mould for every design to make it debossed engraving. When it is extruded the silicone , the logo will be on the wristband. Finally we will fill it with the silicone based ink which is long lasting. we can personalize the wristband size as well. The normal size is 202mm length for adult, 190mm for women, 180mm for youth and 150mm for child. The width can be 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm or 25mm. If these not fit you, then you probably need to pay extra for certain size. There are 4 styles mainly. They are solid, swirled, segmented and glow.   personalized-plastic-braceletspersonalized-memory-bracelet

ts convey ones support to peace campaigns. Because of conflicts that some countries experience, people find the need to make people aware of these wars and to try to make an effort to achieve world peace by wearing those rainbow colored bracelets. Whether you go with a rainbow PRIDE silicone bracelet, a bangle that says gay pride, or a decorative charm bracelet that has a rainbow heart charm.  All our gay pride bracelets will allow you to show your support for equality among everyone.  All of our Gay Pride items are sold in bulk and make great items to sell at Gay Pride Parades and events. They also make wonderful gifts.  Remember we ship the same day so you can get it as early as the very next day! Are you going to a PRIDE walk, then you need to get some of our Rainbow PRIDE Bracelets. These gay pride bracelets are great items to give out to parade walkers as well as the people who come to watch th parade. Imagine throwing out LGBT bracelets to the cband wristbands rubberrowd to generate awareness for your cause. What ever your event, these Gay Pride Awareness bracelets are sure to be a big hit.             recycled-rubber-bracelets

purposes will help you make better use of your customized silicone wristbands. Many successful fundraisers have helped millions by selling personalized silicone wristbands to raise money for their specific cause. The trick is to add a little something extra in the mix, which we"ll discuss further later. Custom Silicone Wristbands for Promotion When something is planned like an event, you tend to get the word out to your friends right away. But then you don"t want to spend a lot just to inform them of as such, and that"s when these customized silicone wristbands come in to play by promoting causes. Promotion can go from health awareness, political ideals, events, etc. What"s great is that it will take about a week to have the wristbands shipped out to you. When you"re already at the event where you"ll hand out those wristbands, make sure the guests will put them on right away. Wholesale Wristbands for a Fundraiser High school clubs and sports teams are always running fundraisers to help with trips and other happenings. The good thing about using custom silicone wristbands is that they are so inexpensive that you can sell them for a price that nearly everyone will buy them. Usually our clients price them at about $2-$4 dollars, depending on how much money they are trying to raise and who their audience is. However, as mentioned earlier all successful fundraisers have a certain trick to them; let"s say a complimentary prize in return for the class that can sell the most wristbands like throwing in a pizza party for the winning class. If you can different classes competing against each other for the pizza party, than you will raise a great amount of money. Who doesn"t want pizza parties, right? It"s also important to consider putting something meaningful on the custom wristbands. For example, if you"re raisingband wristbands rubber money for the family of a deceased student than make it relevant to what he/she died of, or a nickname everyone knew he/she by can be embossed on those bands so that he/ she will leave a mark on everyone.             custom-rubber-bracelets

self injury awareness rubber bracelets

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